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  • 20 years experience and expertise

  • Anetrini is a business founded in 90s as individual company and it continues to surprise the market for the excellence of its proposals. The company has always been identifying itself by founder’s expertise and the dedication and competence of his sons, specialised in founding new systems for the manufacturing of shelled fruit and nuts. Its great reliability makes the company be a leader business in its sector, both in Italy and abroad. Our strong point is the total completeness of our productive cycle: from the study stage conception of agricultural machineries to their design, including also all the minimum details, to the operative phase where we achieve, we control and we produce the concrete Carbognano agricultural machineries. The buyer will always be guided in the process of choice of machineries, also in the most difficult moment, as we guarantee during the years, our technical support and the after-sale assistance. It is also possible to produce a customized product, due to our high-level of workmanship. 

  • High level of tools customization

    We were born as an individual company but soon we become a limited partnership, underlining one more time our strong point: the high level of customization. We do not only operate in the food, fruit and vegetable sectors but also do we produce customized and tailored Carbognano agricultural machineries, according to the specific requests of our customers. Surely, the importance of efficiently respond to all customers’ needs, has been giving us a lot of success. The headquarter is placed in the industrial area of Località Campanelle, in Carbognano, a village of the province of Viterbo, near the county road number 36. The constant search of new solutions make possible to be always the forefront in the innovation sector: in effect, we use our 30-years of experience to preserve our modus operandi in the production process and to improve a productive and profitable behaviour we have always had. They are the accuracy and the dedication of the staff, that make possible to gain success and satisfy all the requests of customers. Our operative system is continuously improved to be always at the top and to have more competitiveness on the market, thanks also to the high convenience and balance of our prices and an excellent value for money.